Coffins & Caskets

There are a wide range of coffins and caskets available to you. They come in a variety of materials with a choice of handles to suit individual requirements. We will provide you with information on each design and give advice on which are more suitable for cremations and burials, but ultimately the choice of a coffin or casket is a personal one, and may be influenced by religious or local customs or personal taste.

As well as the traditional veneered and solid wood options, we can provide those made of willow, which is a renewable material. We can also provide bespoke coffins and caskets including coloured or patterned options, painted finishes and personal designs.

An overview of coffins available include:

  • Oak veneered: a traditional choice and ideally suited for cremations due to its lightweight properties
  • Mahogany veneered: featuring a mahogany-stained finish
  • Willow: a renewable crop which is becoming increasingly popular
  • Solid oak: a distinctive, high-quality material, more suitable for burials
  • Panel: a design featuring attractive panelled sections
  • Coloured/patterned: these can be produced to any colour or design specification.


We can also provide a range of cremated remains caskets and urns to suit your requirements. An overview of caskets available include:

  • Willow: an environmentally friendly option produced from this attractive renewable crop
  • Wooden: made from naturally attractive and hard-wearing materials
  • Ceramic: an extremely popular choice, manufactured from carefully selected materials
  • Metal: protective caskets constructed from either steel bronze or copper.


Brochures showcasing all available coffins and caskets are available at our office.